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Hereford Academy of Dance provide the very best Classical Ballet training in Herefordshire for all levels and ages:

Classes for children Under 5:

Our ‘Early Years’ classes have become very popular as an ideal introduction into dance for young children. In ‘Early Years Classes’ the emphasis is on developing co-ordination and rhythm with enjoyable movement exercises and imaginative games. They are also given a basic introduction to Ballet.

Children age 5 & above:

Pupils learn the Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet syllabus Grade classes starting at Pre-Primary, and moving through to Grade 8 and/or Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate. Most pupils are invited to prepare and enter for RAD Examinations or Class Awards when they are ready.

Our wish is to provide through the RAD Ballet syllabus a structured, yet imaginative and artistic classes for children who want to enjoy dancing and at the same time progress through an examination system. Although we strongly follow the principles of examinations they are not a pre-requisite for advancement. Providing pupils have learnt sufficient to substantiate advancement to another grade they may do so without the formal examination.

Many of our students choose to study Modern Theatre, Tap and Street Jazz alongside Ballet.


Modern Theatre dance is the style of dance seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. This is a highly energetic dance style and great for fitness.

From the age of 5, children can start Modern combined with Tap.
We follow the ‘Imperial Society of Dancing’ which offers a structured, yet very enjoyable syllabus.

Whilst examinations are not compulsory, it must be stressed that the children’s class work is structured towards them and they give motivation and sense of achievement. It is only when the individual has reached the required standard that they are given the opportunity to take examinations, so that it is an enjoyable and rewarding occasion. Every pupil is treated as an individual and examinations are never entered by a class as a whole.

Many students choose to study Modern Theatre and Tap alongside Ballet.


Tap is a well known dance style incorporating many different rhythms and sounds. It is often seen on stage in musicals. As with Modern Theatre pupils study the syllabus of the ‘Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’ and given the opportunity to take examinations, if they wish, when are at the necessary standard.

Many students choose to study Modern Theatre and Tap alongside Ballet.


Ideally combined with a grounding in Modern Dance Jazz can be an exciting style.

Jazz is a popular, fun and energetic dance often seen on television, movies, music videos and the internet.

From age 7 we offer non-syllabus ‘Street Jazz’ classes incorporating age appropriate current dance trends and music. For the older pupils there is the opportunity to take the ‘Jazz Award’ examinations from the ‘Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’.


A chance to study the many varying styles from the Musicals. A fun compliment to the more technical Modern Theatre and Ballet classes.


The following Adult Classes are available:

A relaxed approach to the classical ballet style.

Dance 4 Fitness:
Based on the Modern Theatre and Jazz dance styles. Dance your way to a healthier body with popular music and up to date moves!

A great way to stimulate the mind and keep fit at the same time!

Adult Dance Fitness

Our adult dance and fitness classes are run by Lisa Fraser Dance and Fitness and include:


Further information: Lisa Fraser Dance and Fitness