Welcome to Hereford Academy of Dance, a centre for dance excellence in Hereford.

Founded in 1994 by Principal Sarah-Jane Matthews, the school has built a reputation for excellent training that provides students with a solid foundation which emphasises strong technique, performing skills and love of the art of dance. They are renown for their high standard productions, which showcase all pupils, at ‘The Courtyard’ Hereford.

Hereford Academy of Dance is committed to offering all students the opportunity to learn to dance in a structured, healthy, age appropriate and inspirational environment that will help them achieve their personal best. We believe that all children, whatever their passion or ability should have the opportunity to perform and enjoy their moment onstage.

We have caring teachers, who have a love and passion for dance, qualified to teach all ages and ability levels, whether it is a student with ambitions for a professional career in dance or one who takes class purely for the joy of movement.

We offer a wide range of classes for children and adults in our purpose built, fully equipped studios.